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Illuminated Flower Pot Della LED RGB+Remote

Illuminated Flower Pot Della LED RGB+Remote

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The illuminated della pot is suitable for any interior. Thanks to the possibility of changing the colors of lighting It is ideal for the living room, bedroom as well as in children's rooms. It looks good in public premises, giving a nice atmosphere.

The pot is milky white in color, which means that you can not see the bulb, and at the same time gives the effect of shining the entire surface of the pot. The remote control gives you the opportunity to choose the color that suits us, as well as its intensity. With the remote control, we can choose to make the pot shine flashing quickly or slowly change colors, or the colors change gently, slowly passing all one by one.

The pot has a colorful RGB LED bulb installed with 16 colors backlight with E27 thread included.

Remote control included. Pot control at a distance of up to 10 m.

The pot has a 3 meter cable terminated with a plug additionally insulated to the outside.

Technical parameters of the Della75 LED pot:

  • pot height: 75 cm
  • pot diameter: Ø 40 cm
  • capacity of the plant container: 18 dm3 liters

Technical parameters of the Della90 LED pot:

  • pot height: 90 cm
  • pot diameter: Ø 49 cm
  • plant container capacity: 39 dm3 liters


Additional Information:

  • material: polyethylene (PE)
  • color: milky white
  • finish: matte
  • light source: RGB Led bulb 16 colors + remote control
  • application: indoor and outdoor
  • country of production: Poland
  • resistant to mechanical damage
  • frost-resistant and resistant to solar radiation: -40 o C / + 60 o C / UV
  • waterproof
  • warranty: 24 months
  • certificates: CE Europe 



Polyester resin

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